Why Your Ecommerce Business Needs A Chatbot

Brick and mortar sales have sales assistants. They help customers find specific products instantly. Besides that, sales assistants help provide valuable product knowledge and recommendations. Without them, customers may have a tough time finding what they’re looking for.

But how do you provide the same type of helping hand to customers on your e-commerce platform? The answer is with a chatbot. It is an AI-enabled software application that acts as a tireless and ever-accurate virtual sales assistant.

Chatbots provide an exceptional e-commerce shopping experience and boost your business prospects in many ways. In this article, we discuss why your e-commerce business needs an AI chatbot solution.

Round the clock customer service

Human customer service agents need rest. That means customers will be able to questions only during your business’s working hours. This can be a disadvantage, especially if your customers need to contact you from a different time zone. On the contrary, chatbots can function 24/7. Your customers can ask it a wide range of queries at any time of the day. In response, the chatbot provides lightning-fast answers with high accuracy.

Minimize cart abandonment rates

Customers can leave items in their online shopping carts without purchasing them. This is known as cart abandonment. When it occurs frequently, it can take a toll on your store’s profits. On the bright side, you can minimize the instances of this happening.

By choosing to develop chatbots and implementing them in your store, they can display and send customers reminders about what’s in their cart. This has a significant impact on customer behavior, as most of the time, they respond positively and purchase those items.

Omnichannel shopping experience

You can implement chatbots on multiple platforms. You can use it on Facebook, Whatsapp, your business website, and many more online channels. When your customer has a conversation with your chatbot on one platform and switches over to another platform, they will be able to continue the conversation there. This way, customers have an omnichannel shopping experience. It boosts sales to a great extent.

Engage customers

The best chatbot development companies make their chatbots witty and social. They don’t wait for customers to initiate a conversation. Instead, the chatbots start the conversation. They can greet visitors with a welcome message, offer product suggestions and recommendations, give out coupons, announce new product arrivals and even make light jokes. As all of those activities engage patrons, they will respond and eventually end up purchasing items.

Personalized communication

Chatbots can quickly retrieve the past purchases of customers. Using that information, they can communicate with visitors in a personalized manner. That includes talking to customers using their first name, recommending relevant products to their previous purchases, asking them if they would like to purchase the same item again, and more. This helps not only boost revenue but also boosts loyalty.

Summing up

All the advantages of having a chatbot apart, almost all of today’s e-commerce businesses use a chatbot. Not having it leaves you at a competitive disadvantage. Chatbots help cut down costs, nurture high-quality leads and in the end, drive up conversions.

At Smartpoint, we provide premium chatbot development services at competitive prices. We build easy-to-use and customize chatbots that will take your e-commerce business to the next level. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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