Why Integrate Multiple Enterprise Applications Together?

When you integrate multiple applications together, each individual application seamlessly communicates with one another. As a result, you unlock a wide range of advantages. Let’s take a look at each of them in detail.

Simple data sharing

Separate software programs that work in silos collect and store data in their own individual databases. Consolidating the information from those applications can be immensely time-consuming. With application integration solutions, your data can seamlessly flow between all your software services. More importantly, all of your software data will be stored at a central point of access.

Automation of operations

By integrating multiple software applications, you can configure and enable automation. Take for example the integration of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software program and an e-mail marketing platform. You can set up the e-mail marketing application to access data from the CRM and send automated emails to target audiences based on customer activities and demographics.

Minimize complexity

Implementing new technology at an enterprise level can hamper business operations. There is oftentimes a steep curve for learning to use the new applications. Furthermore, the new programs may not complement existing systems. By hiring application integration services, you can circumvent such challenges by integrating multiple applications into a single, simple-to-use system.

Higher productivity

When you use software applications that are not integrated with each other, you will need to access them individually. No matter what your purpose of accessing them is – be it for viewing data, consolidating data, or troubleshooting bottlenecks – it dampens productivity. On the flip side, by integrating applications together, you can manage all aspects of your operations from a single interface.


Software applications underpin the most critical business operations today. That includes supply chain management, Customer Relationship Management, and more. However, they add to the problem, more than resolving it when they are in use separately. That is why it is important to integrate multiple enterprise applications together. It helps you execute operations at a much faster pace and with reduced errors.

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