What’s The Difference Between Robotics And Artificial Intelligence?

Robots have made it possible for humans to perform a wide range of complex and laborious tasks with ease. They are highly useful in performing repetitive tasks with precision and speed. Most often, robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are misconceived as a single entity. Although they are related to each other, they are entirely different. AI serves as the brains for operations and robots serve as physical, mechanical bodies for carrying out operations. Let’s look at how AI differs from Robotics Solutions more in detail.

What is Robotics?

Robotics refers to technology that deals with mechanical robots. They are designed to perform human-like actions with agility and accuracy. They can either be designed to function autonomously or they can be built for human-controlled operations.

The set of instructions that are fed into a robot can be modified at any time. These machines interact with and respond to their surroundings using sensors. Building robots involves a series of steps. That includes processes like building the robot, designing it and finally adding programs into it. All of which make it possible to build a functional machine that simplifies executing tasks and enhances productivity in the task force. Furthermore, there are robotic software programs that can be used to automate software. It is known as Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

AI is a branch of computer science. Unlike traditional programming, AI programs can perform complex tasks by mimicking human intelligence. It does this by using a variety of individual components like machine learning, neural network, deep learning and natural language processing. When strong AI programs are deployed, the object that receives it can function independently of any sort of human control.

The application of AI is not just confined to bringing mechanical robots to life. AI plays a major role in software automation. Popular examples include the Google Assistant and Windows’ Cortana. Their capabilities are owed to lightning fast data processing speeds and intelligent algorithms.

Product of combining Robotics with AI

The amalgamation of robotics and AI produces smart products and services that benefit both customers and businesses alike. They include:

  • Industrial robots
  • Mobile robots
  • Proximity robots
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Robotics software integration


When you build a robot, you are also going to require a good Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm. Together, they make it possible to create effective, new age solutions that simplify time-consuming tasks. Robotics and AI can also be combined to devise excellent software automation strategies that do not require human intervention. If you’re looking for the best Robotic Software Development services, then contact SmartPoint today.

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