What platform should you develop your mobile app for: iOS or Android

The advantages that mobile apps offer both customers and entrepreneurs has skyrocketed the demand for mobile app development by multiple folds. Businesses belonging to all domains are increasingly preferring to provide their services via innovative, highly responsive and user-friendly mobile phone applications.

If you’ve decided to hire mobile app development services, you must choose which platform you want to develop the app for. This article will help you pick the right platform.

Choosing an operating system

The two most popular mobile phone operating systems are Android and iOS. Building an app for these two platforms differ in terms of budget, time and resources. They have distinct advantages over each other, here are some factors that will help you decide between iOS and android app development.


Knowing your target audience will help you maximize the prospects of your smartphone app. Android has the largest user base in the smartphone arena, followed by iOS users. iPhone users are known to purchase more in-app content and actively use apps compared to android users.

Revenue model

Although the iOS platform doesn’t house as many smartphone apps as android, iOS apps make more money despite having fewer users and downloads. On the other hand, android apps primarily generate revenue through in-app advertisements.

Time to build the app

The number of devices that use the android platform is vast and diverse. They have varied specifications and configurations such as different screen ratios, different memory sizes and more. Therefore, building an app for android will take a long time considering how much optimization will have to go into making it run smoothly on all its devices.

iOS app development on the contrary, will build apps that will run on a few select native apple devices, which means that it is quicker to create apps for iOS compared to android.


The cost of building an app for either iOS or android solely relies on how big the app is. Both, in terms of size and features. The more complex the app is, the more it will cost to implement all of the features and ensure that they function smoothly.

Summing up

In conclusion, understanding who your average smartphone app user would be will help you narrow down on which platform to choose. Knowing factors about your potential users like spending habits, interests and more will help choose the right platform to launch your app on. Contact SmartPoint for the best mobile app development services today.

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