Why Customer Research Is Important For Successful Mobile App Development

There are numerous smartphone apps being released on app stores everyday. According to Statista, an average of 113 new apps were released for Android alone, worldwide in May 2020. It is evident that the usage of smartphone apps is rapidly increasing. Even more so due to the pandemic.

Mobile apps have become an integral part of everyone’s lives. If you want something at your doorstep, there is a good chance that you will reach for your phone to get it – not to make a phone call, but to perform a few swipes and taps.

In addition to offering a great catalog of products and services, customer support, notifications and more, mobile apps also make completing transactions a hassle-free process. Because of all these features, businesses are preferring to develop and launch their own mobile apps so that they can tap into its major revenue stream.

By deploying a smartphone software into the app market, you wield the power to reach millions of customers within a short span of time. In spite of this fact, there are many apps in the market that don’t achieve expected traction. One of the major reasons for such downfalls is poor customer research.

Let’s take a look at why customer research is important for successful mobile app development.

Benefits of performing customer research prior to developing an app

Customer research sheds light on several factors that will help fuel your app for success. By asking yourself the right questions and responding to them with clearly defined answers, you are well on your way to enter the app market in a grand manner.

Who is your average customer?

The first and foremost question before embarking on the journey of developing an app is asking yourself who your average customer is and what is he/she like? The more you know about your customer, the more tweaks you can make to your app.

Learn about your average customer’s income, educational qualifications, interests and most importantly their problems. By gathering all of this information, you can build a targeted smartphone app that will easily slice through the competition and reach the hands of millions of customers.

How will your app serve your customers?

Your customers are already using a plethora of app services to fulfill their needs. How will your app grasp the attention of potential customers? At this juncture, in addition to what your app will essentially do, you must also figure out what your app will look like, how it will function and what theme it will have.

After that, you must take what features your customers love into account. Features like one-click payments and GPS tracking are some industry-standard features that are essential for e-commerce mobile app development.

What platform will your app be on?

The platform on which you choose to release your app on will impact your app in many ways. The most popular mobile platforms are iOS and Android. You can choose to either release your app on one of those platforms or both.

iOS users are known to make more in-app purchases, whereas Android users are larger in number and prefer using free apps more. The geographic location of your customers plays a major role in determining which platform to choose. If you’re targeting countries like the USA or Australia, then it is a good idea to choose iOS app development.

Moreover, depending on the platform, cost to build the app, features, app maintenance and development timeline can vary.

How will your app generate revenue?

Besides getting your app to reach as many customers as you can, you will also have to focus on how your app will generate revenue. As mentioned before, spending trends differ between an iOS user and Android user.

The most popular revenue generation method in Android apps is through advertising. By allocating sufficient space for ads in your app, you can make an income. In the case of iOS apps, you can offer in-app purchases as apple users are more likely to spend money on apps.


Prior customer research can help push your app to the top of the market. Afterall, the purpose of designing an app is to garner a massive customer base and generate revenue. Whether you require customer research of mobile app development services, or both, SmartPoint has got you covered. Contact us for the best enterprise mobility solutions. Get started today.

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