Top 5 Innovations Led By Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

As we approach the end of 2020, we have to admit that we’ve never been more mindful of technology than this year. Even when we’re isolated, technology has enabled us to stay connected, helped us collaborate and keep the wheels of businesses running.

There are two words among many that have been constantly abuzz across the world. They are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). These two technologies, that cannot function without the other, have made it possible to accurately process insurmountable tasks with speed. They are transforming the healthcare sector, the automobile industry, banking, finance and many more.

Having come a long way, the technologies continue to evolve in novel ways. This year, there are 5 notable robotics software development product innovations led by AI & ML. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Top emerging AI & ML trends

The two technologies that go hand-in-hand have allowed businesses to work at newfound speeds, operational efficiency and productivity. And yet, they have not stopped growing. With many success stories of using AI & ML, they are continuing to make it even more easier for business owners to manage their operations. Here are the top emerging AI & ML trends in 2020.


Businesses no longer need to worry about having an active support team to address their customer’s issues. Today, they can use chatbots. They are a communication program that uses AI to communicate with customers just like a human does.

In addition to addressing issues, they can help connect customers to sales representatives, guide customers to purchase a product and more. They are cost-effective, function 24/7, nurture quality leads and help convert sales. Hire the best robotics software development company to build your chatbot today.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Until a couple of years ago, computers were only able to comprehend programming languages. That is no longer the case. NLP is a subset of AI that equips computers with the necessary tools to understand human language. By enabling this feature, you can communicate with your customers just as you would communicate with a friend. You can ask it questions in the format of sentences and have accurate answers instantly handed to you.

AI security

Cyberattacks are a constant threat to many types of businesses. They result in data loss, privacy breaches, loss of revenue and more. In addition to installing a strong security wall to keep malicious activities outside your system, usually you would have to routinely scan your computers and networks to identify anomalies.

Although it does the job, it is laborious and time-consuming. With AI on the other hand, they can self sufficiently crawl through your databases and alarm you in the event of a security breach. Beyond that, they can also scan and identify weak security walls.

Augmented analytics

Raw business data holds the key to boosting businesses through insights, reports and trends. This is what conventional business analytics aims to do, but they are immensely slow and prone to a lot of errors. On the bright side, AI can autonomously extract, assimilate, process and extrapolate a great deal of insightful information at lightning speeds.

Autonomous systems

By hiring robotics software consulting services, you can arm your computers with the necessary tools that allow it to autonomously learn new skill sets. Using algorithms, your computers can self-learn new ways of managing tasks.


AI & ML have a lot more to offer than what they could provide in the past few years. The choice between implementing them and ignoring them can decide which businesses will stay relevant in the market, and which ones won’t. No matter what industry a business belongs to, AI & ML will help it reach skyrocketing heights.

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