The Best Way To Manage Hotel Amenity Bookings

Hotel guests love to indulge in premium extra services during their accommodation. There a wide range of amenities that hotels offer to give guests an unforgettable staying experience. Some of them include swimming pools, yoga classes, room service, and spa services.

While your guests flock to use such amenities, you may find it challenging to keep up with their requests. This is especially the case when you aren’t prepared to handle a surge in guests.

Faltering on providing your guests with a seamless amenity booking experience can hamper your reputation. And in turn, your revenue. On the bright side, there is a way to efficiently manage all of your hotel’s amenity bookings. That is to use a hotel hospitality management software. In this article, we walk you through how it helps. Let’s get started.


The dashboard in the software gives you a 360-degree view of all the latest bookings in your hotel. It shows you a graphical representation of how many services were booked in the past. Furthermore, you can see what amenities your guests frequently lookup in the booking software.

Track bookings

The hotel management software allows you to track all amenity bookings by date and by time. Using the application, you will be able to view the bookings on a calendar. By clicking on each booking, you can view and manage their status and more. This way you can efficiently oversee all the bookings you receive.

Create user roles

All your staff members can use the online hotel management system. You can decide what areas of the software your employees have and don’t have access to. To configure this, you can use the software’s user roles feature. It allows you to create user roles such as restaurant manager, spa manager, yoga manager, and more.

Record all bookings

Managing your bookings using spreadsheet software requires you to manually create and update booking records. That is not the case when you use a hotel management software solution. The bookings are automatically created. Furthermore, all completed bookings are safely saved and stored. So you will have a comprehensive history log.

Collect feedback

Lastly, you can use the software to collect feedback from your guests. You can request guests for ratings and comments after they finish using your hotel’s services. This will help you optimize your amenities to the liking of your guests.


Whether your hotel offers many amenities, or you’re just introducing new amenities, the important question is – are you ready to handle them? With our hotel hospitality management software, you will be. It gives you cutting-edge features that help effortlessly manage all your bookings. Reach out to us to know more.

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