Seamlessly track and manage your sales, inventory
and customer base with our simple, easy-to-use,
yet powerful Point of Sale Software suite called

Take full control of your store with SmartPOS

Take full control of your store with SmartPOS

SmartPOS is a user-friendly POS software solution that streamlines multiple retail activities into a single, easy-to-manage space. It is designed to give your business a major boost in performance with its capabilities such as fast transactions, sales reports generation and effective inventory management. Moreover it offers your patrons with a fantastic customer experience.

Whether you’ve just set up shop or you’re looking for a way to not only enhance the prospects of your business but also simplify its operations, SmartPOS is an incredible software suite that is crafted to help you transform your business.

Efficiently store customer records, manage your inventory, keep a tab on what items are selling the most, restock goods and more with our comprehensive and acclaimed point of sale service.

Although our POS software solution is primarily built for textile, pharmacy and retail enterprises, it can be tailored to suit any enterprise requirements.


SmartPOS Highlights

SmartPOS Features

  • Inventory management – Get stock statements, view the sales performance of your stock and more.
  • Purchase engagement– Seamlessly manage purchase related activities such as purchase order approvals and purchase entries.
  • Sales management – Our retail billing software lets you effortlessly track sales entries, budgets and other sales related activities.
  • User management – Configure users and roles in the POS terminal for accountability and security purposes.
  • Accounts management – Accurately maintain accounts of your sales and stocks.
  • Customer relationship management – Retain and improve customer relationships with incentives like reward points, promotions and offers.
  • Reports management – The POS generates elaborate reports on sales performance and more. It can be exported to formats like Excel and PDF.
  • Offline billing – Don’t let network issues stall your retail operations. Our offline billing feature lets your customers make payments offline and then syncs it up when the network is back on.

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Benefits of using SmartPOS

Comprehensive BUSINESS Overview

View multiple business parameters like
product performance, sales summary and
cash flow from a robust interface.


SmartPOS can automatically send out stock
purchase requests whenever your inventory
is low on items. Moreover, product details
can be quickly found from the point of sale

Eliminate ERRORS

When you change the price of an item in
your inventory, you can be assured that the
price change will be reflected on all
databases. This prevents price conflicts.

Customer LOYALTY Programs

With our POS software, you will be able to
expand your customer base by offering your
customers with shopping incentives,
promotions and more.

Advantages of SmartPOS

Quick Setup

Start using our point of sale software within a couple of minutes after installation.

Customizable Interface

Whether you want to view how many sales are being done on a daily basis or how fast your stock is getting used up or you want to change your invoice layout, SmartPOS can be customized.

Highly Compatible

Our POS software system is compatible with POS peripherals such as cash drawers, touch screen, barcode scanners and more.


View crucial parameters of your business at a glance from our dashboard section.

Strong Security

Our point of sale software is sculpted with the latest security features in order to safeguard your data.


Our team members are always happy to help you with installation and maintenance services.

System Requirements

Hardware & Software
  • High Speed PC’s / Server
  • Windows XP / Server OS
  • Min 512 MB RAM for POS Terminal
  • Min 2GB RAM for SERVER
  • SQL Server Enterprise 2005 for Large Database
  • Min 20 GB for Hard Disk (Depends Upon the Volume of Transaction)
POS Devices
  • Cash Drawer
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Pole Display
  • POS Printer / DMP
System Requirements

Our Partners Says

The personalization options that Smartpoint offers in their software products are a major bonus to have.

Deepthi Sarkar

I had a fantastic experience with Smartpoint. So I will be reaching out to them in the near future for more projects.

Satish Chandran

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