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Simplify your workflow and earn higher profits with SmartFleet

Simplify your workflow and earn higher profits with SmartFleet

SmartFleet is a holistic enterprise fleet management software suite that systematically organizes a range of functions like vehicle management, driver management, fleet scheduling and tracking. Seamlessly monitor multiple activities and gain complete control over your fleet management functions by implementing our robust software tool in your organization’s system.

Our fleet management solution is specially designed to simplify the process of managing fleets and as a result help businesses increase their productivity and efficiency.

Manually managing fleets can be challenging, moreover, complications increase when companies scale up their operations. The tiniest of errors in fleet management can lead to a hoard of costly and time-consuming problems. SmartFleet eliminates the possibilities of such events with automation technology.

Whether you have a large fleet of trucks, cars, planes, helicopters or any other type of vehicle, SmartFleet helps you optimize various aspects of your vehicles and business that consequently improve your profit margins


SmartFleet Highlights

Features of SmartFleet

Fleet Scheduling

Manage what vehicles attend to what type of logistics activities at what time using our fleet scheduling tool.


Receive live alerts whenever a vehicle is over-speeding, idling, deviating from a specified route and more.

GPS Tracking

View where your company’s vehicles are at all times with our state-of-the-art integrated GPS tracking service on your phone.

Fleet Health

Get comprehensive reports on the health status of your fleet such as mileage efficiency, physical conditions and upcoming service schedules.

Vehicle Assignment

Our software gives you the option to manually assign vehicles to carry out logistics operations.

Fuel Management

View and manage fuel usage by keeping a track of parameters like average distance a driver covers, idle time and more with SmartFleet.

Scale Up

Seamlessly add more vehicles to your fleet and exert immediate control over scaled up operations.


Our fleet maintenance software allows you to create virtual geographical boundaries. This helps protect your assets.

Finance Management

Efficiently manage your fleet budget, warranties, insurance expenses and more.

Benefits of SmartFleet

No Separate Hardware

There is no additional hardware required to be purchased or fitted into the vehicle, your drivers can use their mobile phones and use the App.

Cloud Hosting

The solution is hosted on a cloud, so it is accessible securely from anywhere. No worries about separate hardware requirement or configurations for your fleet solution.

Live Monitoring

Live Monitoring of your fleet location. And the completed trips can be played back, and see the route taken and the speed in which it was driven.

Best in-class App

Comes with native Android and iOS versions. An user-friendly, simple and easy to use, best in-class App .

Advantages of SmartFleet


Our fleet management software and vehicle tracking system is embedded with highly advanced security protocols to ensure maximum security.

User-Friendly Interface

You can learn and access all of your fleet management functions seamlessly with our minimalistic and visually stunning software interface.

API Integration

Need integration with your existing software, we can integrate and have your driver and fleet data from there and have our tracking feature seamlessly work for you.

Fast Performance

Our application is built with cutting-edge tools and data structures that enable you to quickly navigate the software at tremendous speeds.

Reports and Analytics

Get elaborate reports on the performance of your fleet operations. This helps you plan and optimize your business for better efficiency.

Regular Updates

We ensure that your software is up-to-date with the latest security protocols and free from bugs and glitches by regularly offering updates.

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After just a few discussions, SmartPoint understood what my retail business needed and developed an extraordinary enterprise software product. It is now the backbone of my business.

Arul Jacobs

I needed to upgrade my technology, so I approached SmartPoint for their solutions. They seamlessly migrated my company’s crucial data from legacy systems to new and improved systems.

Emmanuel Francis

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