Effectively manage your assets right from
when they are acquired until they are
decommissioned with our cutting edge
Asset Management Software – SmartAMS.

Boost the prospects of your business by improving the value of your assets

Boost the prospects of your business by improving the value of your assets

SmartAMS is a highly advanced digital enterprise asset tracking solution that lets you manage multiple facets of your organization’s resources from a single web-based console. It is loaded with powerful tools that enable you to perform important functions like tracking, transferring, maintaining and auditing assets. By using our asset tracking software services, you will always know where your assets are and what condition they are in.

By harnessing the benefits that our asset tracking product provides, you will be able to accurately store asset records, give them adequate care and consequently extend their lifecycles. This translates to higher productivity and reliability. Moreover, you will save plenty of time and money.

Create user roles, view what assets are being used the most, find out what items are low in your inventory and do lots more with our robust asset management solutions – SmartAMS.

Our asset management software solution is designed for industries of all types. Be it healthcare, manufacturing, IT, education or any other industry, our asset tracking tool will meet all your asset management requirements.


SmartAMS Highlights

SmartAMS Features

Asset Lifecycle Management

Facilitates in Planning, Acquisition, Operation & Maintenance and Disposal of every asset within your organisation effectively.

License, Warranty
and Insurance

Stay ahead of nearing license, warranty and insurance expiry dates with our comprehensive dashboard.

Transfer Assets

Know where and who your assets are going to, asset transfer history and more.


Configure SmartAMS to suit your business needs. Set up custom parameters like currency, location and asset categories.

Maintenance and Schedule

Improve the longevity of your assets by scheduling maintenance services.


Accurately assess your organization’s net worth with our precise and fast auditing tools.

RFID/NFC Tracking

Automate tracking assets by using barcode tags and barcode scanners.

Cloud Synchronized

Access all your asset data even when you’re not on office premises using cloud technology.


Stay assured that all your confidential data is safe and secure. Our enterprise asset tracking software employs the latest security protocols.

Benefits of using SmartAMS

Cut DOWN on Expenditures

By efficiently maintaining your assets and
optimizing their performance, you can eliminate
unnecessary repair and replacement costs.


Our Enterprise Inventory Tracking Software helps
you know where your assets are and keeps them in good
condition, this way your business can run smoothly.


You no longer have to spend time on searching for assets,
whenever you need an asset, all you have to do is look it
up in our software’s database.

Increased BUSINESS Profits

By using SmartAMS, your assets become more reliable.
This increases the value of your assets and in turn will
bring in more profits.

API Integration

Integrate multiple software applications with our
software for seamless app communication and a
faster workflow.

Advantages of SmartAMS

Quick Setup

Installing our software is easy. Once you purchase our asset tracking solution, you can start managing your assets in no time.

Instant Asset Details

Look up asset details by simply searching for the asset’s name/code/category.


With the help of our software’s analytics and reports, you can optimize the usage of your assets so that they perform efficiently.

Safely Stored Data

Our asset management software uses cloud technology to back up your asset data on cloud servers regularly.

Stay Informed

Know what assets are available in the inventory, their history of service schedules and more.

Detailed Reports
and Analytics

View summarized reports like how many moveable and immovable assets you have in your organization.

Our Partners Says

The personalization options that Smartpoint offers in their software products are a major bonus to have.

Deepthi Sarkar

I had a fantastic experience with Smartpoint. So I will be reaching out to them in the near future for more projects.

Satish Chandran


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