Track, manage, and review booking requests
in your hotel business using SmartHotel –
the comprehensive, cloud-based
hotel hospitality management software.


Streamline amenity booking management

SmartHotel is a superior hotel management software solution. It contains a wealth of powerful features for managing amenities with speed and accuracy. The software improves hotel operational efficiency by automating and simplifying several crucial tasks. Creating new amenities, announcing hotel service offers, communicating with guests, collecting feedback, managing hotel data, and more has never been easier.

Managing hotel services using spreadsheet software or paper-based methods open up a lot of room for errors. Mixups, incorrect information, and wrong orders are all too common when hotels use manual management tools.

No matter the type of hotel you operate, with SmartHotel you can accurately manage all your hotel’s services from a single, centralized software hub. Purchase SmartHotel today.


Intuitive service reservation experience

  • Enable your guests to quickly book amenities with just a few taps of a button
  • Instantly look up the latest bookings, guest feedback, special requests, etc
  • Seamlessly integrate SmartHotel with your existing Property Management Software (PMS)

Features of SmartHotel


Get an overall view of all the amenity bookings taking place in your hotel via a comprehensive dashboard.

User role management

Define what functions of the software you want your staff members to use. Provide and restrict access according to user roles.

Guest communications

Respond to booking requests via custom messages that you can send through SMS.

Multi-language support

Choose from a wide range of languages that suit your business requirements.

Quick booking response

Choose whether you want to accept or reject bookings after receiving requests.


Notify hotel guests about exclusive offers and discounts by making announcements via SMS, e-mail, and in-app notifications.

Beacon alerts

Geo-tag specific areas of your hotel premises. When guests enter them, they will receive notifications about the service and amenities.

Manage service and amenities

Create, modify, cancel and delete services and amenities.

Search filters

Use search filters to search for bookings and services via date or keyword text search.

Export data

Export all the information from the software to excel, CSV formats, and more.

Track bookings

View guests expected to arrive, how many guests your hotel houses, view elaborate check-in details of guests, and more. 

Task management system

Assign and track specific tasks to particular employees in your hotel.

Deploy surveys

Create custom questionnaires and circulate them among your guests in the form of surveys.

Feedback system

Prepare feedback forms and request guests to fill them up by providing star ratings and writing comments.

Comprehensive amenity details

Add a brief description of the service and multiple photos to each amenity you create..

Why choose SmartHotel?

Effective hotel management

Say goodbye to extensive spreadsheet software. With SmartHotel, you can manage all your hotel services from a single location..

Automate tasks

SmartHotel automates amenity/service reservations and communications.


Access our online hotel management system from anywhere at any time via the cloud.


Make SmartHotel fit your usage preferences by customizing elements like currency, theme, and more.

Quick functions

Easy to reach hotel management features simplify navigating to and managing services.


SmartHotel packs a myriad of industry-leading features to take your hotel business to the next level.


State-of-the-art security systems keep confidential data in SmartHotel safe and secure.


Smarthotel is built using robust programs, enabling the software to function fast and consistently under all workloads.

Business advantages SmartHotel provides

  • Simplified communication channels – Seamlessly communicate with hotel guests via SmartHotel
  • Excellent customer support – Whenever you require our assistance, our team will provide world-class support at short nice
  • Higher productivity – SmartHotel allows you to manage your hotel operations at a more accurate and faster pace
  • Manage on the go – Access the software wherever you are, at any time. Call the shots in your hotel via the cloud
  • Higher customer satisfaction – Give guests a great service booking experience. Gain more positive feedback from travelers


With SmartHotel, not only is managing amenity bookings a breeze, but it also makes it easy for customers to book my hotel’s services. 

-Ryan Jacob

SmartHotel gives me complete control over all hotel service bookings. I find the beacon messaging feature extremely useful for announcing offers and discounts on amenities. 

Christina Darren 


Is SmartHotel compatible with multiple devices?

Yes, SmartHotel is a cloud-based hotel amenity booking management software. You can access it on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Does SmartHotel support more than one language?

Absolutely. You can change the language of the software and add content in different languages. Languages SmartHotel supports include English, German, and French. 

What are beacon alerts?

Beacon alerts are geo location-specific notifications. Any time a guest enters them, he/she will receive a message from the nearest restaurant or bar regarding the latest offers.

Can I manage SLAs using SmartHotel?

Yes. In case of a delay in response towards a service booking, the software escalates the issue to concerned personnel.  

Does SmartHotel allow the management of multiple hotels?

If you have multiple hotels, the software allows you to manage each of them individually. 


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