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Transition Into a World of New Possibilities With our Migration to New Tech Services

At SmartPoint, we provide you with exclusive solutions that enable your systems to perform tasks faster, with higher accuracy and with enhanced security. Our expertise in migrating to new tech enables us to help you keep up with the latest innovations in the tech environment. By upgrading your organization’s technology, you will be able to increase your business prospects and simplify operations.

We offer holistic migration to new technology solutions right from studying your existing software applications to analyzing what new technology you may need. Our immensely experienced team of developers and consultants are fully capable of handling all your tech migration requirements. Get started today.

Signs that say you need to migrate to new tech

You may feel that the existing technology in your organization is sufficient to keep your operations running for a while. Be that as it may, there are a number of telltale signs that indicate the need for tech upgrades such as:

Slowed Computing

If your workflow is obstructed by instances such as frequent screen hangs, shoddy internet connectivity and slow boot-ups then it’s time to migrate to new tech.

Excessive Costs

If you find yourself shelling out exorbitant costs to maintain your systems and to fix malfunctions, then it’s worth considering upgrading your technology.


If your existing security measures are unable to deflect viruses, malware and other anomalies, switching to new technology will help better fortify your workflow.

Advantages of using our migration to new tech solutions

The landscape of the way businesses are conducted is constantly shifting. If you don’t make the switch to newer technologies at the right time, you could lose out on a sizable chunk of revenue. What makes it even worse, is that the use of old technology for too long can weigh your business down. Besides that, if you need to scale up operations, or want to integrate a

host of new features in your system, then such aspirations call for migration to new tech. By making the transition to a more recent technology with our technology migration services, you will get the following advantages:

  • Improved security
  • Enhanced business functionality
  • Reduced costs
  • Increase in business growth
  • Better IT support
Advantages of using our migration to new tech solutions

Revamp your workflow with our migration to new tech solutions

Seamlessly cross over from your current technology to a new and improved tech ecosystem. Unravel a new realm of computing possibilities with our technology upgradation services

Transition without pausing your operations

While we prepare and upgrade your tech, we ensure that your operations don’t face any interruption because of the migration.

Deep Analysis

Whether you require performance, storage or security upgrades. Our team of analysts will thoroughly understand what upgrades will help your operations perform more efficiently.

Cost-Friendly Upgrades

Choose a powerful set of upgrades that match your migration budget. We offer upgrades that will best suit your requirements.

Application Integration

Our reconfiguration solutions will allow you to access all of your workflow applications from a single digital space. This saves you from spending time on searching for apps or using different computers.

What we offer

Whether you want to migrate software, websites or applications, we help you make the switch smoothly.

Website/Web App Migration

If you’re looking to make modifications to your website/web app such as changing servers/hosts or looking for more storage, then you can count on us for migrating and upgrading your online presence.

Information Migration

Technology migration is sophisticated. We move all your complex data structures and types from one form of technology to another without losing any information.

Software Migration

Our team of expert developers will configure your existing software services so that they can be installed in the new technology ecosystem you want to implement.

Cloud Migration

Our cloud migration solutions help you move large amounts of data over the web, we give you backups of all your essential data.

App Migration

We help you seamlessly transition your apps from your current tech to the latest tech in the industry.

How we do it

We employ a result-driven strategy that configures your operations to seamlessly adapt to a new and improved tech.

Transition Strategy

We will map out the best transition route we can take to migrate your operations.

Migration Simulation

We will demonstrate how our migration to new tech solutions will enhance your operational efficiency.

Data Transformation

On receiving your confirmation, our developers will begin converting all your data so that they are compatible with the new tech.

Performance Check

As and when your operations are migrated, we will assess the performance of the transition.


After the migration is successfully completed, we will then commence integrating applications with the upgraded tech.

Industries we offer our migration services to

Our expertise in various programming languages and data architectures arms us with the knowledge necessary to build apps for a plethora of industries. They include

Real Estate
Social Networking

Why choose our Technology upgradation services?

Our expertise in helping our clients successfully migrate to better performing systems enables us to provide you with end-to-end system flow upgrade solutions.

Quick Support

Whenever you have queries, our support team is always active on the other end of phone calls and emails.

Highly Skilled

Our team of technical experts have garnered over 20+ years of experience and offer you the most robust and reliable solutions.

Latest Technology

With the use of the most recent technology, we narrow down on what new technology would aptly fit your requirements by estimating how much power you need.


It’s as simple as contacting us and telling us what new changes you’re looking for.

Technology migration It will depend on the size of your operations and the complexity of the migration process itself.

If you’re spending a lot on maintaining and fixing your systems because of slow speeds, freezes and more, then it is a good idea to migrate to a new tech.

It doesn’t have to shut down at all, we migrate your technology to a new one without interrupting your business activities.

It’s a unique process for different client needs, we conduct extensive research before executing our technology migration services.

Yes, unless you clearly specify that you don’t want to migrate certain types of data, we will migrate all files and applications onto the new system.

Technology migration helps improve processing speeds, enables you to use more features and minimize downtimes.

Not at all, our team will analyze the logic behind your applications and engineer the right program so that they can seamlessly communicate with the new system.

Yes, we make sure that all your applications efficiently communicate with each other in the operating environment.

Our migration experts use strategies that enable you to continue to carry out business operations with minimal downtime.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the SmartPoint office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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