Cloud Application Development

Harness the power of cloud technology

Businesses today require quick, easy and flexible access to a plethora of software services. Cloud technology satisfies those criteria by providing organizations with powerful tools that can be accessed from anywhere, any device (mobile, desktops, tablets, etc) at any time.

By leveraging the potential of cloud platforms, Smartpoint builds efficient and scalable applications that can be instantly accessed over the web. Our seasoned team of developers take full advantage of the hardware that cloud services provide. In turn, our cloud application development services will save you from having to invest in expensive infrastructure to conduct your daily operations.

We help you smoothly transition your business into the cloud to help you become an outstanding cloud technology service provider. Get started today!

Our cloud application development services

We have ample experience in empowering organizations in terms of security, processing speed, reliability and more with our cloud application development solutions.

Cloud consulting services

Identify which cloud service provider has the necessary infrastructure that is best suited to meet the objectives of your business.

Cloud application development services

Use easy-to-use, versatile applications that members of your organization can instantly access from the cloud.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Our PaaS building solutions lets you offer your customers easy-to-use, cost-effective development, testing and publishing tools.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Enable your customers to access your software and all of its features instantaneously by simply navigating to it via the web.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Offer your customers a wide range of cloud infrastructures such as networking and storage services over the web.

Cloud -Enabled App maintenance and support services

Conduct regular check-ups and update your applications in the cloud to stay on par with the latest changes in technology.

Cloud application migration & Integration services

Seamlessly migrate your applications from one cloud provider to another without interrupting your operations and leverage the benefits of cloud technology by integrating it with your apps.

Cloud Security

Our avid developers offer you complete cloud protection using the latest security and testing protocols. Wall your cloud apps from malicious vulnerabilities.

Technologies we expertise in

We have immense experience in using a wide range of technologies. Thereby, we are equipped to equip you with the best cloud infrastructure.

Web Services
Windows Azure

Industries we have worked with

We have successfully implemented cloud technology solutions in the following industries:

& Manufacturing

How we develop cloud based applications?

Comprehend Your Requirements

First and foremost, we will schedule a meeting with you to fully understand what type of cloud-based service will suit your requirements best.

Rigorous Research

Whether you need to migrate cloud technology, develop an app that works in the cloud or any other service, we will identify the shortest route to help you achieve your cloud goals.

Strategy Design

We will map out a strategy that enables our team of proficient developers to work in a systematic way for the delivery of the best output.

Development & Testing

Our highly skilled team of developers will then commence working on your cloud technology needs while performing tests alongside every development phase.


Finally, after adding a few finishing touches, we deploy your robust application in the cloud.

Why choose us?

Maximize your organization’s productivity with our highly trusted cloud application development solutions. Our team consists of Immensely experienced developers who quickly adapt to any business need. We deliver you nothing but the absolute best cloud technology services.

Quality Results

Our team is fully committed to delivering innovative and exceptional services that give you and your customers a user-friendly application experience.


We place a high emphasis on fortifying our cloud apps with the latest security to give you a flawless and glitch-free software.


Our team of developers have racked up over 15 years of experience in building and servicing several different types of cloud applications.


We keep you informed about the progress we’re making to bring your cloud technology aspirations to life.


From conceiving your cloud-based goals till deployment, we find the fastest way to finish the job.


Yes. By integrating your apps into the cloud, you get more flexibility to scale up and modify your operations among several other advantages.

It depends on what your business requirements are. Hire our cloud application development services to know which provider will best suit your needs.

We first understand what you need, study what will suit you best, develop, test and finally hand over the completed cloud-based product.

It depends on the complexity and scale of your operations.

We also help you maintain your cloud-based applications with our highly skilled team of developers and support staff.

You can access it from anywhere at any time, easily scale resources up and down, update applications across a wide range of systems with a click of a button and more.

As they are powered by and stored on a cloud server, you will not need an on-premise server.

We provide three major application development services – Platform as a Service (Paas), Software as a Services (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas).

Yes, the cloud also creates regular backups of your application and its data for additional safety

Our cloud application development team is seasoned in designing Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure friendly applications.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the SmartPoint office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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