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Enhance your workflow with improved and integrated applications

Innovating business processes isn’t enough for an organization to achieve higher returns on investment. Alongside that transformation, it is also essential to regularly update apps, make sure they communicate with each other and perform optimally. SmartPoint is armed with the expertise to help you connect old applications with new cloud applications across physical, virtual and cloud environments. By integrating your software services with one another, our application integration services offer you unmatched app agility, flexibility and scalability.

Experience streamlined workflows, faster productivity, reduction in expenditure and minimal disruptions by hiring our acclaimed integration services. Contact us today!

Why integrate your applications?

Applications that don’t seamlessly communicate with each other require constant manual interventions. This can significantly slow down the pace of your business operations. Here are some cases that call for our application integration services.

Lack of APIs

The absence of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) makes it difficult to transfer data from one application to another.

Delayed software processes

Slow workflow processes is the result of having unintegrated applications, overloaded cache and old architecture.

Sub-par data quality

The prevalence of below-average quality of data hinders your operations with stifled app activities.

Security flaws

Your applications are prone to not only breakdowns but also to malicious attacks when your application data is not properly secured.

What we offer?

Ensure that your applications function together in harmony with our exceptional application integration solutions.

Integration consulting services

With our latest technologies, we help you find an application integration model (infrastructure, tech stack and architecture) that is best suited for your business requirements.

App configuration services

Our seasoned team of developers will reconfigure and redesign your organization’s old applications so that they are compatible with new technologies.

Integration maintenance & support services

Keep your app integration models up-to-date and free from performance issues with our highly trained team of cloud experts.

Data integration services

Ensure that your apps, whether old or new, communicate with each other in a universal language that all your software services can understand.

API development services

Implement state-of-the-art Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that make sure that your software applications transmit and receive information.

Data migration services

Seamlessly transfer a set of applications from one OS to another, or from one technology for increased flexibility, speed and overall performance.

Proof of concept services

We will determine how feasible your integration goals are, what the prospects of your idea are, what the current demands of the market are and finally, the best way to achieve your integration aspirations.

SmartPoint enterprise application integration services involve

We seamlessly integrate a variety of applications for reduced IT complexity and increased processing speeds.

  • Social media integrations: Quickly access Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter and more.
  • Transaction gateway integrations: Enable your customers to make swift payments from within your software by integrating PayPal, Stripe and more.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Smoothly manage all your integral business processes by integrating essential tools like Salesforce and NetSuite together.
  • Content Management System (CMS): Easily modify web and app content by integrating CMS tools like WordPress.
  • Third party API integrations: Integrate and harness the power of third party APIs such as chatbots and messaging apps, into your database.
  • Customer Relationship Management(CRM): Install world-class CRMs like HubSpot and SalesForce into your system.
  • Data connectivity: Exchange data within your organization and business partners securely with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems.
  • Specialized management systems: Integrate Warehouse Management Systems(WMS) and Transport Management Systems (TMS) into your business.
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA): Efficiently integrate different types of services together with the help of an SOA system.
  • Business Process Management (BPM): Effectively model, optimize and improve businesses processes by integrating BPM systems.

How do we work?

We employ a simple yet powerful formula to provide you with the best application integration services.

Understanding your objectives

Firstly, we will schedule a meeting with you at your convenience. The discussion will help us get an idea of your business objectives.

App analysis

After you hire our services, an audit of all the applications you use in your organization will be performed. It gives us information on what technology your apps use.

Integration strategy

With all the information we need about your apps at our fingertips, we will then proceed to draft an integration model that is apt for the workflow of your organization.

Application Integration

Finally, our avid team of developers will sync up, integrate and improve your applications to give your business operations a major performance boost.

Industries we work with

We have ample experience in extending our acclaimed application integration services to a wide range of industries. They include:

Industries &

Why Choose Us?

Our proficient and top-notch cloud solutions isolate and improve crucial workflow points to amp up your day-to-day activities to a whole new level. Over the years we have amassed a loyal client base that trusts our services because we are:


We are fully committed to finishing the job as quickly as possible with the highest quality. Right from the time we get in touch with you until we finish integrating your applications.


Our workforce consists of developers and technology experts who have more than 15+ years of experience in integrating apps for various types of industries.


We are quick and happy to respond to all your application integration service related inquiries.


We keep you informed about the progress we’ve made in improving your organization at every step of the way.

Workflow centric

Our team is devoted to enhancing your application workflow and implementing accurate measures that will make a huge impact on your operations.


We provide integration services ranging from consultation to app integration to maintenance and support.

It streamlines your workflow. In turn, you can perform your business operations more faster, securely and accurately.

It depends on the size and complexity of the apps in your organization.

We provide excellent maintenance and support services to clear out the junk that is stifling the performance of your app.

It is an Application Program Interface that helps your applications efficiently communicate with and understand each other.

Lack of application integrations will require them to be operated separately. This results in a significant wastage of time. By integrating applications, you will speed up business productivity.

It will lead to security flaws and instability of data transfers. Our team surgically fixes such problems.

Yes, we conduct a deep study of the apps you want to integrate and write codes that will help two or more apps seamlessly communicate with each other.

We integrate a wide range of apps with your system like social media integrations, Content Management Systems, Customer Relationship Management systems and more.

We first understand your objectives, study your apps, develop an effective integration plan and finally integrate your applications.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the SmartPoint office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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