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Drive up productivity with fully functional and up-to-date apps

Applications are the foundations that most of today’s IT operations rely on. In order to ensure that your apps are working at all times, you must regularly maintain and update their features, security protocols, configurations and functionalities. SmartPoint is devoted to maintaining and supporting your applications with a host of highly trained team of developers and responsive customer support executives.

We have won the trust of leading IT companies with our effective software maintenance services and strategies. Get our app maintenance and support services today!

Our application maintenance and support services

We offer a wide array of maintenance and call support services that enable you to focus on improving your business while we take care of backend operations.

Data maintenance services

Our data organization models enable you to quickly access all your data, eliminate redundant data and optimize information to enhance the performance of your apps.

Legacy application migration services

Upgrade flexibility, enhance productivity and fortify your apps by seamlessly migrating legacy applications to advanced systems.

Migration of OS & Server

We convert your data and tools for compatibility with the OS or server you wish to migrate your applications to.

App issues management services

Our top-tier developers will immediately spring into action at the slightest hint of malfunctioning software to resolve app configuration issues.

App ownership management service

Regardless of whether your app was developed by our team at SmartPoint or by an external team, we offer first-class app maintenance and support to all software applications.

License management services

We’ll keep a track of all your licenses to ensure that your applications stay functional at all times.

24/7 customer support services

Focus on improving your business as our proficient customer support team responds to the queries of all your customers

Technologies we expertise in

Our highly skilled developing teams are skilled in a myriad of scripting languages and programming tools. This enables us to effectively maintain and support your systems. We expertise in:

Java / J2EE
Big Data

How we maintain your applications

Our expert app maintenance and support teams are equipped with the technical know-hows to optimize and take care of any type of IT company.

Brief Discussion

Our team will schedule a meeting with you to get a complete grasp of what you require to maintain and improve your IT operations

Thorough Study

We deeply analyze your project needs to identify what factors will help enhance your productivity and business prospects.

Strategy Development

Once we finish narrowing down on essential app services that will help your business grow, we will design a support strategy.

Final Confirmation

We will run our strategy by you for your confirmation. On your green signal, we will then move onto the execution phase.


Finally, our seasoned team of developers who are equipped with the right skills to handle your apps will begin resolving issues and will upgrade and optimize software performance.

Our solutions are designed for every company

Our expert app maintenance and support teams are equipped with the technical know-hows to optimize and take care of any type of IT company.

Large-Scale Companies

We help maintain and simplify complex apps that span multiple branches across several geographical locations.

Mid-Sized Companies

Our solutions help small to medium scale companies to go on to become leading companies with effective app maintenance and support services.


Our solutions ensure that startups quickly deliver products into the market with the help of glitch and bug-free applications.

Why Choose Us?

Be sure that your applications function all the time by hiring our app maintenance and support services. We protect, configure and upgrade your organization’s software with an arsenal of powerful tools. Our services are well-known for the following:

Fast Tracked

Our experienced team of developers perform quick updates and maintenance procedures within the shortest time possible without interrupting your workflow.

Performance Optimization

We are constantly on the lookout to identify key configuration areas of your app that can be simplified and reconfigured for improved performance.

Support at all App Development Stages

We extend our support and expertise to your app right from when it is getting developed to even after it has been deployed in the market.


Our teams at SmartPoint are composed of developers and executives who have more than 15+ years of experience in catering app maintenance and support services.

Efficient Ticketing System

We quickly attend to all of your app problems by logging all of your issues within an organized ticketing system.


We offer a wide range of services ranging from license management to app optimization.

Our customer care executives will actively respond to all your customer queries via calls and emails.

Yes, our team of highly skilled and trained developers are quick in learning the intricacies of any app in the industry.

Our services are designed for apps of all kinds – be it web apps, desktop apps or any other.

The performance of applications can slow down due to a large collection of redundant data and can also develop security flaws, app maintenance mitigates both of them.

Yes, we detect and narrow down on errors in design, coding and logic. After which, we resolve them with advanced technologies.

While your apps are working properly, they can have a high tendency to malfunction. To avoid business disruptions, we predict and fix app anomalies, so the answer is yes.

Our solutions are crafted for all companies. Be it large-scale or mid-sized companies, even startups.

It’s simple, you can either call or write to us. We can get started right away

How can we help you?

Contact us at the SmartPoint office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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