One Solution For Driving More Guests To Use Your Hotel Services

It is every hotel’s objective to offer its guests an outstanding staying experience. And to do that, hotels strive to provide more than just a restaurant and a room to stay in.

Guests at hotels are increasingly looking for a variety of options that would enrich their staying experience. To name a few -vehicle bookings and spa treatments are some services customers look forward to using and indulging in. However, there are cases where guests don’t use many of the services in the hotel they’re staying at. The reasons being they either didn’t know about the service or it was a hassle to book them. This scenario hinders hotel revenue.

An effective solution for tackling such problems is to use a hotel hospitality management software solution. Consequently, it helps drive more guests to use your hotel services. Let’s see how.

Easy booking for guests with an app

Long gone are the days when hotel guests had to make phone calls or write to the hotel’s concierge to make a reservation. With a hotel management software, guests can look up all the amenities that your hotel provides via an easy-to-use software application. Then they can effortlessly make bookings at the tap of a button.

Announce events and discounts via the app

How do you spread the word of a new event in your hotel or discounts on services to your guests? Pinning up the information on the notice board doesn’t have as much reach as announcing them via a hotel management app. The latter allows you to send bulk notifications as SMS, e-mails and even in-app notifications.

Automated responses

When a hotel guest requests a reservation to use one of your amenities, it is important to offer them some form of acknowledgement. This is crucial when your services are temporarily out of order or full. An online hotel management system can quickly scan for empty slots when guests request a booking. Ensuingly, it will revert back to your patrons with automated messages that state whether the bookings are confirmed or not.

Reviews and ratings

Lastly, the software has the reviews and ratings feature. Hotel guests may want to share their opinion of the service they use. Regardless of whether they are positive or negative, they will help you optimize the quality of your hotel amenities. With an app, your guests can easily review services with star ratings, smiley ratings and also comments.

Summing up

Giving your guests a fantastic staying experience in your hotel boosts your business revenue. The spread of the good word and positive testimonials will increase the demand for your establishment in the hotel industry. You can achieve all of this by using an online hotel management system. It lets you seamlessly manage and drive more guests to use your amenities.

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