Look For These 5 Features When You Purchase A Chatbot

Technology is continuously transforming all types of communication. Digital communications in particular have evolved dramatically. Over the years, sophisticated conversational software solutions have surged in demand. Brands are rapidly adopting them due to the wide range of advantages they have to offer. Those software solutions are commonly referred to as chatbots. AI chatbot solutions aim to minimize the gap between customers and businesses. From building customer loyalty, engaging customers, to making critical decisions, chatbots can do it all. However, not all chatbots offer the same features. So when you purchase one, look for these 5 features.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities

Besides communicating with your customers, your chatbot must be able to comprehend the context of conversations. It helps the conversational application in accurately responding to customer queries. This characteristic is underpinned by Natural Language Processing (NLP). Using this algorithm, the chatbot will be able to clearly understand the intent of the questions it receives.


Customers may access your brand via multiple platforms. Be it Facebook, Whatsapp, or any other platform. And to provide your customers with an integrated shopping experience on all those channels, you will need an omnichannel chatbot. It stores all customer data on a centralized database. So whenever a customer returns to your brand from any platform, the chatbot retrieves the customer’s data and responds accordingly.


AI chatbot solutions are capable of doing more than just conversing with customers. They are also capable of analyzing customer’s interests and past purchases. In that way, they can suggest products that are relevant to the items customers purchase. It gives way to higher sales and eventually a higher profit margin.

Personalization capabilities

In order to engage your customers in the best way possible, chatbots need to communicate in an organic manner. Add to that a personalized touch, and the response from customers will soar high. Personalization includes greeting customers by their first name, welcoming them back to your brand, and even empathizing with them when they cancel purchases.

Self learn

There are many ways to ask a question. It is inconceivable to manually train chatbots to learn all the possible ways of asking just a single question. When you purchase a chatbot ensure that it has self-learning capabilities. With that, it will progressively be able to construct logical responses from interactions autonomously.


With these 5 features in your chatbot, you are well on your way to garnering quality leads and achieving a high sales conversion rate. If you’re looking for premium chatbot development services, then take a look at SmartBot. It is our feature-rich, NLP-powered chatbot that gives you full customization controls over how you want the chatbot to interact with your customers. Enhance your sales. Contact us to know more.

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