Key Factors That Will Boost The Success Rate Of Your E-Commerce Website

The e-commerce industry has grown to enormous heights. Shopping for products and hiring services online has become extremely popular because of the reliability and convenience it offers customers. Businesses are leveraging this fact to their full advantage by launching their own e-commerce websites. As a result, the demand for hiring the best website development company’s services has soared.

Today, there are many product and service-selling websites, yet only a handful of them are in demand. If you’re on the verge of launching an e-commerce website, you can slay the competition and raise the success rate of your site by considering the following key factors.

Quality of written content

The information you provide on your website is a major determining factor for how long your customers will stay on your domain. Textual content must be written for the target audience your business is trying to reach. Write information that your website’s visitors want to know, present easy-to-access call-to-action buttons and write clear content about products and services.

Chat support

During ecommerce website development, incorporate a nifty chat feature in your website. This will help customers save time from having to draft long emails. Respond to customer queries in an instant and boost sales. You can push the frontiers of the chat support feature by automating responses using chat bots. Customers find it most easy to access chat support when it is placed in the bottom right of the website.

Easy payment features

The ultimate goal of launching an e-commerce website is to effectively sell products and services. A seamless and user-friendly payment feature must be installed on the website to help customers checkout in a jiffy. Multiple payment options such as cash, debit/credit card and mobile wallet should be offered. Finally, more than one payment gateway must be integrated so that even when one shuts down, alternate gateways can be used to complete transactions.

Optimize website for smartphones

Majority of online shoppers access e-commerce websites through their smartphones. If your website is poorly optimized for smartphones you could lose a lot of potential customers. Ensure that your website has a mobile-friendly layout. Furthermore, allow mobile users to seamlessly navigate around your website without any hindrance.

Search bar

Let your customers find exactly what they are looking for by implementing a search bar on your website. By simply typing in a query, your website’s visitors can instantly navigate to a specific section, product or service on your domain. Offer result suggestions to speed up customer searches.


An e-commerce website garners massive traffic of customers when all of its elements are well-optimized. That includes readability, navigability, ease-of-purchase and more. Using the mentioned key factors of building a website, you can boost the number of visitors who use your e-commerce site. Get the best website design and development services from leading industry experts in SmartPoint. Contact us today.

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