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Challenges faced by the Pharmaceutical Sector

The pharmaceutical sector is made up of numerous types of establishments. From manufacturing to shipping to selling, the functions of these establishments are underpinned by a unique set of administrative processes. Efficient management of pharmaceutical operations ensures that the medicinal goods reach its end customers. Successful operations enabled the pharmaceutical sector to grow to a net worth value of $934.8 billion in 2017, and continues to rapidly expand.

In order to successfully be a part of the multibillion industry, it is important to use new and innovative technologies. By keeping up with modern technology, you will be able to efficiently carry out pharmaceutical operations, minimize downtimes and comply with the latest regulations. This is the best way to combat the challenges faced by the pharmaceutical sector, some of which are:

Keeping up with Technology

The pace of pharmaceutical operations significantly slows down when pharmaceutical industries avoid upgrading their technology. This not only stifles their day-to-day activities but also eliminates them from the competition.


The transport of raw pharmaceutical materials and manufactured medicines often succumb to a myriad of discrepancies. Because of this, the timely reach of products to pharmacy stores and customers is delayed.


When crucial data such as patents and confidential company information is not secured with stringent security protocols, they are vulnerable to hacks and other malicious activities.

Asset Management

When a wide range of assets, be it infrastructure, equipment, facilities and more are undermanaged, it leads to costly expenditures and a lot of time.

Data Management

The corruption and loss of pharmaceutical records such as supplier data, customer data, reports and analytics can cost companies millions of dollars.

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The success of pharmaceutical companies rely on staying ahead of and keeping up with the cut throat market competition and strict regulatory requirements in the industry. In order to accomplish this goal consistently, pharmaceutical establishments must keep all of their operations in check and fix any type of leak within them. Be it the manufacturing process, distribution or the selling of pharmaceutical goods, all of these functions must be performed with precision and efficiency. SmartPoint’s products and services enable you to monitor and manage every small detail of your operations. Moreover, our services help you upgrade your technology for increased flexibility and speed of operations. Our solutions include:

  • SmartAMS:
    Effectively track and manage your assets, store and backup data and more with our cloud-technology integrated and NFC enabled asset management software.
  • SmartPOS:
    Maintain sales data, employee information and manage accounts with our robust point of sale service. It helps automate and speed up transactions.
  • Migration to new tech services:
    Leverage the potential of new and improved technologies such as increased flexibility, scalability and more by upgrading to new technology.
  • Enterprise product development services:
    Gain full control over your operations and efficiently tackle the common challenges faced by the pharmaceutical sector. Hire our enterprise product development services for a holistic administrative software application that contains unique functionalities.
  • Mobile app development services:
    Cater to customer’s pharmaceutical needs using a feature-loaded mobile app, or control your pharmaceutical operations with a couple of taps on your phone.
  • Web development/Digital presence services:
    Attract more customers, increase business profits, seamlessly communicate with your customers with a stunning, well-crafted website by hiring our web development/digital presence services.
  • Application maintenance and support services:
    Get rid of the data clutter that is slowing down your operations by hiring our app maintenance and support services. Moreover, we offer regular updates that keep your software applications compliant with the latest security protocols.

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