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Limitations of the Education Sector

The education sector is a fertile ground not only for learning but also for the formulation of new concepts. Moreover, it plays a key role in social and economic development. The goals of this sector is most strengthened by the utilization of intelligent systems and information technologies. They help education institutions to work efficiently with minimal interruptions. Education bodies that haven’t yet leveraged the advantages modern technology and software applications provide face a myriad of limitations. They are:

Outdated Technology

Schools and colleges that use old information technology equipment end up spending lots of money on repairing and replacing them.

Synchronization of Data

Data that is not stored on a centralized database leaves multiple education departments unaware of new changes in the system.

Software Conflicts

Software applications that are unable to communicate with each other stalls the workflow of education institutions.

Lack of Security

Education institutions store a large amount of confidential data on digital databases. Shoddy security leaves them open to unauthorized access.

Communication Discrepancies

Education bodies frequently send out intimations to students and parents through communication mediums. Even then, many of the times, the end receiver doesn’t get to know about the new alerts first-hand.

Reshape education operations with SmartPoint’s top-of-the-line products and services

The growing need for products and services to enhance and streamline education piqued our interest. With the help of an expert team of industry experts, software engineers, developers and designers, we have created a range of highly remarkable products and services that benefit institutions within the education sector. We understand the complexity of managing tedious education operations such as recording student details, scheduling timetables, organizing examination schedules and managing finances.

To simplify these tasks, we offer an extensive range of products and services that help you save time, money and effectively increase your education institution’s productivity.

  • SmartAMS
    SmartAMS is a holistic asset management software suite. It helps you track and manage your education institution’s inventory with specialized asset-specific tools. Moreover, it securely brings multiple administrative functions like fee management and attendance management into an all-in-one web based console.
  • Mobile Application Development Services
    Today, virtually everyone has a smartphone. We craft robust mobile applications that are fast, responsive and reliable. A smartphone application will help you perform a variety of management operations at the tap of a button. Moreover, it provides parents an efficient way of checking their children’s reports.
  • Migration to new Tech Services
    We help you dispose of old technology by migrating all your institution’s data into new and improved software technologies. By migrating, you will be able to carry out activities at improved lightning speeds and also have the flexibility to integrate applications.
  • Cloud Application Development Services
    Our expert team of cloud application developers and designers are always ready to craft a comprehensive application for your education needs. Experience remote access to your data, secure data storage and simple scaling-up options.
  • App maintenance and Support Services
    Even if you have implemented the latest technology in your school/college’s environment, it is bound to slow down as you accrue enormous amounts of data. We offer excellent app maintenance and support services to renew your workflow speeds. Our service also updates and upgrades your applications to comply with the latest security protocols.
  • Application Integration Services
    You may have multiple types of software applications that don’t communicate with each other. We help you get rid of the barrier between applications by integrating applications within each other. This way you save a lot of time, expenses and instead drive up productivity.

Effectively upgrade your education technology for improved operations

The education sector deals with an extensive amount of data on a daily basis. It can get quickly overwhelming to manage the various operations in schools and colleges. However, those operations can be significantly simplified and streamlined into an efficient linear workflow. At SmartPoint, that is what we aim to provide. Enhance your education institution’s operations with SmartPoint’s range of products and services today.

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