We have been obliged by many sectors, which avail our services.

Since the inception of our cooperation, we made it a point to expand our services to various industries. Today, the world is run as much or more on software than hardware and the universality of our services allows companies from numerous industries to partner with us.

The software industry inclusive of business software, business productivity software and safety software currently stands on $456.1 billion and by 2021; it would expand up to $507.2 billion. The software market expansion is the maximum right now than any other time in human history and we have embarked on the quest to productivity amongst various industries.

Insurance is an ever-evolving industry and is affected based on many trends. Competing with the demands of the insurance industry gives an edge to us. We align our strategies by keeping a keen eye on the intrinsic market and update the range of our services for the same.

Insurance is a consumer-driven industry, therefore, any change in the trend comes from the demands and the demands come from the shortcomings.

Our expertise is in Personal Insurance – Health & Travel where we stay ahead of the curve; we identify the shortcomings beforehand and contribute to it with our solution.

We efficiently capture information that is relevant, which can be needed for the claim. We also make service catalogues, which collects organized information by helping in the ‘cutdown time’ spent on collection. For easy connection, we have developed Web Portal for Insurance companies.

Researchers have analyzed that global insurance market will grow on a rate of CAGR 4.59% by 2020. Insurance itself is expanding towards many sectors beyond the medical and automotive industry. We have developed Web Portal for Insurance companies; therefore, predicting the upcoming trends and challenges after analyzing the existing data is momentous.

Digital gateway is the new interpretation of your business online and has more growth than any other medium. With the gateway, more administrative procedures can be done through cross-borders and that provides the region for immense growth. The digital domain has become the ultimate destination for information and the results but a lot of that is scattered around the web.

We have developed 500+ Web Applications, 30+ E-commerce Sites, 100+ Mobile Applications. Our experts write codes to make sophisticated software that is able to encompass all the aspects of a company into a digital domain.

We streamline your firm by the medium of mobile applications, web applications, websites, web portals, e-commerce portals, content management systems, responsive designs, website re-engineering, intranet portals, logo designs and template designs amongst others.

The substance of any efficient business is directly proportional to managing the inventory, goods and shipments stored in the warehouse. The constant import and export any hardware of sizeable amount can lead to inefficiency in management and therefore constantly reported losses.

Our warehouse management software would increase the efficiency of the management load by at least 20-30% and no more unseen losses will be reported ever. It provides constant tracking of the goods from when they arrive and depart the premises of the warehouse. Our Warehousing solutions are running in 50+ large enterprises which have succeded in management of data in an organized and structured manner.

Peculiarly analyzed data would be studied and put into operation so that nothing in the machinery is out of sequence. From managing the students, staff, entrance exam, awarding degrees, managing the library and resources amongst others. SmartPoint provides solutions to all aspects of the industry which can be justified by our 50+ successfully large enterprises.

As the business expands and several other forces come into play, the gap between process and database increases by several folds. The lack of processing of information and data leads to ineffectiveness of the entire domain. The data management aspect is what leads to planning the future by analyzing the previous data and improving on it.

It’s important for an organization to focus on the core business, while the SmartPoint processes and manages the data in a rather seamless fashion. We have successful ERP implementations across Manufacturing, Education and Government Organizations.

We help the organizations in Optimization of Resources, Integration of Business Units and Areas, Standardizing of Business Processes, Providing Business Intelligence, Analytics and Reporting, Bespoke Solutions, Customization and Process Improvements, Digitization and Migration amongst others.

Digitization in the field of education has overtaken the traditional methods and innovative technologies are being invented constantly to expand the market to its pinnacle.We provide comprehensive software solutions to all kinds of educational institutions. An institute of education demands curriculum-related solutions as well as management ones.

SmartPoint provides seamless solutions to institutions for their 360-degree development. Our services take the whole operation in-charge and work on the overall management of the entire institution.

We have Institute Management Software as well as University Automation Software. Our University Automation is Exam Centric, which means all the modules are correlated with Examination Process. It covers the process right from the Entrance Examination, Admission, Academic Plan, Attendance, Exam Time Table, Exam Hall Preparation, Question Paper Setup, Core Exam Process, Dummy Numbers, Evaluation, Results, Mark Sheets, Class Definition, Certificate and Alumni Management.

Some of the activities our solutions manage include the information and placement of students in the institution. From managing the staff, the entrance exam to awarding degrees, managing the library and other resources. SmartPoint provides solutions to all aspects of the industry.