Increase Customer Footfall During The Pandemic With A Fever Screening System

Unlike seasonal ups and downs in sales, the pandemic has tremendously affected businesses in many unprecedented ways. It has brought on several challenges that organizations least expected.

The spread of COVID-19 has caused customer activity to plummet, and so has the revenue of commercial organizations. The livelihoods of customers have changed, they have had to reevaluate their needs and follow social distancing measures. Due to the invisible disease, customers are apprehensive to venture out of their homes in fear of contracting the virus.

In this scenario, brick and mortar businesses will have to do more than just opening up their services to attract customers again. The best way to regain the confidence of customers is by implementing an AI-based temperature screening system.

What is a fever screening system?

A fever screening system integrates thermal cameras with a software application. The combination results in accurate and real-time detection of body temperatures. It also provides audio and visual notifications. This fever screening solution doesn’t require manual operation and is far superior to hand-held thermometers.

Let’s take a look at how this system helps improve customer footfall.

Customers feel reassured

By utilizing the fever screening technology in stores, customers will feel more comfortable to visit your store. As the system detects body temperatures round-the-clock, it helps your customers recognize the efforts you are undertaking to prevent the transmission of the disease.

Increased referrals

The more protocols and technology a business implements in tackling COVID-19, the more customers it gains. Moreover, customers who visit your store will take note of the innovative temperature screening solution. Consequently they may spread word of your safety and customer service to friends and family. In turn, more customers visit your store.

Returning customers

Every customer that exits your store will want to return again, provided you have an effective fever screening solution in working order. This way, you will have a healthy business that has a consistent inflow of potential buyers.


The pandemic has imposed many challenges that hamper the prospects of commercial organizations. However, a fever screening system can help overcome obstacles induced by COVID-19. Get Smartscreening – a top-notch, accurate and fast temperature screening solution from SmartPoint. Increase customer footfall. Contact us today.

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