How To Create A World-Class Food Delivery App Like UberEats

The food delivery segment is booming, thanks to smartphone applications. One exceptional and popular app that echoes among the vast majority of hungry customers is UberEats. There are several reasons why UberEats is the most sought after food delivery app. And if you’re venturing into the food delivery segment, then you will need an app that is of the same quality and has the same or even better features compared to theirs.

This article explains how you can create a world-class food delivery app just like UberEats regardless of whether you opt for iOS or Android app development.

Crucial factors to consider before commencing app development

Before you invest in mobile app development services, there are many questions you must ask yourself. By answering them, you will have a clear idea of what you’re working towards. This helps prevent unnecessary delays and surprise expenses. The questions are:

  • What is the market scope for your food delivery app in the region you wish to launch it in?
  • How will your app generate revenue?
  • What features will your app have?
  • How will it look and feel?
  • What tech stack will be used to build your app?

What is your business model?

Of many varied business models out there, the most popular one is the order and deliver model. In this type of business model, your app will provide customers with a wide range of restaurants to order from. Once the customer places an order, you will also provide delivery services. It means your delivery agents will pick up food from the restaurant and deliver it to the customer’s doorsteps.

Restaurants prefer to sign up with aggregators who use this business model because of its convenience. All eateries have to do is cook the food, and your field agents will make the delivery. This is also the same business model that UberEats uses.

Functionalities of your food delivery app

UberEats is not merely popular because it connects restaurants and customers together. The app ranks high because of how it connects both of them together. What your food delivery app can do using features is a major indicator of how much your customers will love using your smartphone software. It is crucial to implement industry-leading features. Beyond that, it is always a bonus to incorporate a few groundbreaking, innovative features.

Since the app connects three entities together, that is you – the administrator, delivery agents and customers, 3 separate apps have to be created during the mobile app development.

Customer app

This is the app that your patrons will use to view, order and pay for food. So it is essential to load this app with features that make it convenient for them to order in the shortest time possible and pay for it in the easiest way. This app should contain features that allow customers to:

  • Browse through restaurants
  • View menus and dish ratings
  • Submit feedback and ratings
  • View the price of food
  • View estimated delivery time
  • Pay for food in their preferred mode of payment
  • Enter promo codes
  • Track delivery

Delivery agent app

The delivery agent’s primary purpose is to get the food from the restaurant and hand it over to the customers in the shortest time possible. Besides that, they must also have flexibility in their delivery schedules. Delivery agent apps should contain features that allow them to:

  • Accept and reject food delivery bookings
  • Schedule work timings
  • Communicate with restaurants and customers
  • Review delivery activity and revenue
  • View customer contact information

Admin app

The administrator app is for you and your staff to control. It should contain essential master features that allow you to perform functions like:

  • Manually choosing a delivery agent to pick up an order
  • Managing users
  • Managing content in the app
  • Validating and processing returns/refunds
  • Providing customer support
  • Modifying restaurant information

How will your app make money?

Finally, before the mobile app development company you hire gets down to work, you must ask yourself how your app will generate revenue. There are many ways of earning an income through a food delivery app. You can either choose to integrate one or all the revenue models mentioned below.

  • Delivery fees – In this revenue model, you can charge your customers a fee for the food delivery service. If the distance between the customer and the restaurant is beyond a specific radius, you can levy a surcharge for your service.
  • Commission from restaurants – The second most popular revenue model is to levy a commission charge onto restaurants. Since you’re offering to help with the delivery and you’re connecting restaurants with a larger audience, you can charge a small fee for every order.
  • Advertising – The third model is to have dedicated advertisement spaces in your app. You can either let restaurants promote their app to gain more customers in these spaces, or you can advertise other services on your food delivery software.

Food delivery app development costs

The cost of delivering a highly functional app like UberEats depends on many factors. The size of your app, the features you want in your app, what platform it will be available on, what tech stack will go into making it will accurately determine the cost. It is important to know that across the world, software developers and designers in India offer the most cost-effective and least priced mobile app development solutions.


It is a great time to venture into the food delivery segment. By creating a stellar aggregator app, you can garner a great number of customers and generate a sizable revenue in no time. If you’re looking for the best and seasoned team of developers to sculpt your app just the way you want it to look and feel like, then contact our mobile app development experts at SmartPoint. Call or write to us and we’ll get in touch with you right away.

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