How to Choose A Chatbot Platform And A Chatbot Development Company?

If you spend a lot of time on the internet surfing through thousands of web pages, you must have stumbled upon chatbot apps. They usually pop up from the bottom right of the screen to greet and ask you what you’re looking for. On asking them a question, they instantly respond with a tailored response.

There are different types of chatbot apps. No matter how they look and how many features they possess, chatbots are created for a clearly-defined set of objectives. That is to enhance customer engagement, nurture leads and drive more sales.

As chatbots are immensely effective at improving business prospects, they are presently a highly sought after technology. Regardless of what industry your business belongs to, chatbot applications will help you drive your operations to the next level.

Following the rise in use of these applications, several chatbot platforms and chatbot app development companies have sprung up. It can be overwhelming to narrow down on one. So we’ve put together a list of factors that you need to look for in choosing both a platform and a Chatbot Development company. This way, you will find the right development solutions that suit your business requirements.

Selecting a Chatbot Platform

A good chatbot app development company will help you pick the right chatbot platform for your business. The platforms differ from each other in terms of functionality, level of integrations, Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities and more. For instance, there are dedicated chatbot development platforms that solely build applications for Facebook, or Whatsapp and so on.

You can choose the most apt chatbot platform by analyzing the objectives of your business. Top chatbot platforms include Botscrew, Chatfuel and MobileMonkey.

Ease of integration

Chatbot applications are third-party software programs. You will have to integrate them into your existing systems such as CRMs, websites and more for maximum functionality. Depending on the chatbot platform you pick, it will have unique characteristics in integrating with your software programs. Some chatbot platforms deeply integrate with your backend systems, while others have certain limitations in that aspect.


Different chatbot platforms have different pricing models. It is important to pick a chatbot platform that not only fits your business requirements but also your budget. There are quite a few pricing models. They may incur costs based on how much you use the chatbot, or on a monthly/annual basis.


The functionality of a software program is determined by the number and quality of features it contains. Chatbots are integrated in websites to drive more customer engagement, and to quantify its performance, you will need metrics. When you choose a chatbot platform, you will also be choosing the business parameters you want to monitor. They include retention rate, lead rates, quality of leads, customer satisfaction and more.

Hiring the right Chatbot App Development company

With the explosion of Chatbot App Development companies in the market, it can be incredibly challenging to hire the right company. We’ve made it easy for you.

Industry expertise

Companies that have been developing chatbot apps for several years are equipped with the right skills and expertise to understand your business better. Beyond that, a company’s reputation is preceded by the kind of talent it harbors. It is imperative to ensure that the company you choose has seasoned, motivated and an agile pool of designers and developers.


Going through previous projects that companies have completed is a great way of knowing if they fit your niche requirements. Chatbots are used in a wide range of industries and it is generally a good rule to choose a company that has extensive experience in building chatbots for businesses in your domain.

Testimonials and reviews

Perform a quick search about chatbot app development companies and see what people on the internet have to say about them. Check for a wide range of ratings and feedback scores. You can even go a step further and contact the clients they have worked with. Doing so gives you an accurate picture of what to expect from chatbot app development companies.


Effective communication helps businesses and customers collectively grow together. It is crucial to assess how responsive the chatbot app development company you are going to hire is. Ensure that they provide agile support right from the time you hire them until even your app is integrated for additional support.


By integrating versatile AI Chatbot solutions in your business, you can save yourself from having to worry about the development process and focus on improving your business. Get the best chatbot app development services from our experts at SmartPoint. Contact us today.

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