How To Boost Hotel Occupancy

The unexpected onset of novel coronavirus has dampened business prospects across all industries. Parallely, the contagiousness of the disease has made the public apprehensive to venture out of their homes. As a result of these circumstances, the hotel and hospitality industry has taken a huge hit.

As hotels and resorts require customers to dine and stay in their establishments, they need to cope up with the current pandemic-induced scenario. Several hotels are coming up with innovative ways to make a great come back, so can you. With the help of new technology like you can enhance guest experience and in turn improve hotel occupancy.

When a guest is satisfied with your service, he/she is likely to recommend your hotel to family and friends. In this article, we tell you how using tools like online hotel management systems helps improve your hotel business.

Simple service booking

Traditionally customers had to make phone calls or write an email to make a booking. But since the popularization of the internet and smartphones, customers are increasingly preferring to make bookings and reservations over digital systems. By providing your hotel guests with a booking software, either in the form of a smartphone app or a website, they can browse, customize and book hotel services at their own convenience.

Discounts and packages

In the age of seamless communication, hotel guests cannot be expected to view notice boards or pamphlets to learn about the latest discounts and packages. With a hotel hospitality management software however, customers can easily view the latest deals at their comfort. All they have to do to purchase a package is simply hit the book button.

Seamless notifications

Instead of writing a custom SMS and email every time your customer makes a booking, you can automate this process with a booking management software. On successfully making a reservation, your customers will instantly receive booking status and reference number details. These alerts can be sent via SMS and in-app notifications.

Employee management

If your customers want to select a particular spa therapist or a tour guide, they would want to book a slot during which the professional is available. Using a resort hospitality management system, they can view different professionals, when they are available and more. For managers, the system provides them with the tools to manage employee leaves.


As your hotel guests book a plethora of amenities and services through a hotel management software, all the data is automatically collected, processed and reported. The software displays insightful metrics in the form of comprehensive charts and graphs. They include where your guests are mostly from, what service is reserved the most, what activity is most popular and more.


By providing your guests with an easy and fast method to view and book services and amenities, not only will your returns grow, but so will their satisfaction. Consequently, with higher online ratings, word of mouth referrals and happy testimonials, your hotel will reach maximum occupancy in no time.

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