How Technology Is Enabling Mass Fever Screening

COVID-19 silently pervaded borders and infected people all over the world. The unforeseen disease has changed the way the world looks at pandemics. Moreover we can say that this isn’t going to be the last pandemic to falter human livelihood.

The most common indicator of any infectious disease, let alone novel coronavirus, is a high body temperature. Successful detection of abnormal body temperatures can result in timely isolation and treatment of infected individuals. Besides traditional hand-held thermometers, there are several emerging technologies that make it possible to detect fever safely, accurately and quickly.

AI-based fever screening systems are increasingly growing in popularity, especially in 2020. The system is capable of detecting the body temperature of multiple individuals at the same time. Also known as mass fever screeners, let’s take a look at how they work.

Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras use infrared radiation to create images. The intensity of the light they sense is proportional to the temperature of the source. These cameras are integral components of a fever screening solution. By integrating them with the fever detection software, the software can detect and display body temperatures in the unit of your preference.

Configure Settings

Once the thermal cameras are set up, you must configure its settings. They include:

Body Temperature Threshold

You must specify what the normal body temperature of the individuals on your premise is. It is also important to calibrate this threshold temperature against heat emanating objects to get the right temperature reading.

Scan Radius

Thermal cameras can pick up a great deal of temperature information, but you may want to focus your readings to a specific region of interest. This is done by adjusting the scan radius of your thermal cameras.


Finally, you are required to set up a notification protocol. You can choose how you want to be notified if the camera detects high body temperature, what information you want to receive and more.


Modern temperature screening solutions are revolutionizing the way we grant entry access to employees and visitors. As it instantly reads the temperature of individuals, offices, residential and commercial communities can safeguard their areas from a disease outbreak. Get the best mass fever screener called SmartScreening from SmartPoint. It is agile, secure, has great customer support and shows accurate temperature readings of individuals. Purchase today.

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