How Fever Screening Systems Help Curtail The Spread Of COVID-19

The novel coronavirus has taken the world by storm. A least expected pandemic, it has impacted businesses and livelihoods in every nook and corner of the planet. As there is no cure for the disease yet, people all over the world have become apprehensive to step out of their homes.

Governments are curbing the effects and spread of COVID-19 by enforcing procedures such as social distancing. Alongside those, there is constant work being put into developing effective tech solutions to detect the disease. A major successful product of research and development is the AI-based temperature screening system. It is a cutting-edge software that integrates with thermal cameras to detect high body temperatures.

By implementing the fever screening system in place, businesses are able to operate with confidence. Moreover, the public perceives establishments that implement such an effective health-check measure as reliable. Let’s take a look at how these screening systems help curtail the spread of COVID-19.

Accurate temperature reading

The fever screening solution uses cutting-edge AI to precisely detect the body temperature of an individual in real-time. It is also capable of ignoring background heat emanating from electricals, hot cups, etc. This helps enhance the accuracy of the software’s temperature reading. The software can also detect the body temperatures of multiple individuals simultaneously. Given that, businesses can quickly acquire multiple body-temperature within seconds.

Autonomous operation

Setting up a fever screening system is incredibly easy. Once the software is set up and integrated with thermal cameras, the latter can be mounted on a wall or placed on a desk. The cameras will immediately start sensing body temperatures and display them on the software. The system’s AI enables temperature detection of people upto 16 feet from any given camera.


Temperature screening solutions offer customizable notifications. It allows businesses to set a temperature threshold. When it senses an individual’s temperature below the threshold, the system issues audio visual alerts. They are sent via SMS and in-app notifications. The alerts can include details such as where the last person was seen, what his/her temperature was and a photo of the individual.


As the system functions round-the-clock to detect people’s body temperatures, it also collects an extensive amount of data. The information is then extrapolated into insightful reports that display metrics like how many visitors arrived, what the temperature trends are and more.


AI-based temperature screening systems are much more efficient in detecting fever in individuals compared to hand-held thermometers. In fact, screening systems are safer as they function autonomously and from afar. If you’re looking for the most effective solution to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your neighborhood, workspace or any other premise, then what you need is Smartscreening. It is a secure, reliable and robust fever tracking system from SmartPoint. Contact us to know more.

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