Benefits Of Using A CUDA-Enabled ANPR System

Benefits Of Using A CUDA-Enabled ANPR System

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems are increasingly being adopted in commercial and residential spaces. They are rapidly growing in popularity due to the unmatched security features they have to offer.

On setting up an ANPR system and integrating CCTV cameras with it, time-consuming and laborious tasks that require manpower can be circumvented. As it barely requires any manual operation, the system can automatically scan number plates, auto-enable night vision if required and grant entry access to authorized vehicles.

However, ANPR systems that are built with traditional architecture may perform slowly. Delays in detecting registered vehicles, or limitations in quickly capturing and storing data can have adverse implications. Such faltered performance can take a significant toll on the security features of the system.

Whereas ANPR solutions that are configured with Nvidia’s Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) provide faster performance and improved reliability. Let’s take a look at what CUDA is, and what the benefits of using a CUDA-enabled ANPR system are.

What is CUDA?

CUDA is a parallel computing platform. It leverages the power of a GPU to perform general computing tasks with greater performance.

The platform can be encoded by an ever growing list of programming languages such as C, C++, Python and more. Consequently, it uses both, the GPU’s cores as well as the CPU’s cores to boost memory usage and handle heavy workloads.

The top compilers that are used for CUDA programming are NVIDIA CUDA Compiler, GNU Compiler Collection and LLVM. By configuring CUDA for ANPR systems with clean, bug-free and well-written code, the functionalities of the LPR solution can be enhanced.

Why use a CUDA-enabled ANPR system?


Faster detection

By harnessing the power of parallel computing, CUDA-enabled ANPR systems will be capable of seamlessly detecting multiple number plates in a single instance. Furthermore, they speed up rendering video footage from multiple cameras.

Efficient API integration

As CUDA provides additional resources to process information, it helps efficiently integrate APIs. As a result, the ANPR system will be able to communicate with electronic gates, toll bars and more.

Fluid user interface

The user interfaces of traditional license plate recognition software solutions slow down when there is a large amount of data to display. This isn’t the case when you use a CUDA-enabled ANPR system. The user interface remains highly responsive and functional regardless of the workload.

Summing up

ANPR systems have transformed how people safeguard their communities. As a result of a rise in demand for ANPR software solutions, there are many options to choose from in the market. ANPR systems that are CUDA-enabled prove to be the most powerful and reliable solution. If you’re looking for the best CUDA-enabled ANPR software, then what you need is SmartANPR. Contact us to learn more.

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