Enhance your security systems with our next-gen
Automatic number plate recognition solution.
Automatically capture license plate information with
incredible accuracy and speed.

Maximize security with SmartANPR

Maximize security with SmartANPR

SmartANPR is an AI-based optical recognition software that tracks vehicle number plates and matches them against registered owners in the software’s database. It is created with cutting-edge technology and incorporates the latest industry-standard features. SmartANPR offers the most accurate and reliable information whenever it scans the number plate of a vehicle. Seamlessly integrate our Automatic Number Plate Recognition Software Solution within your security systems and have it running in no time.

It can be challenging to keep track of numerous vehicles going in, out of, or passing by an establishment. Deploying manpower to verify vehicle ownership is both expensive and time-consuming. The most effective and new-age solution to these problems is SmartANPR. Automate vehicle verification today.

Whether you want to ensure complete security in a residential or a commercial complex, our ANPR system provides you with a wide range of features that will keep you informed about every vehicle movement.

You can deploy multiple cameras around the area which you want to survey and connect them to our software. As a result, all vehicle number plates passing in and out of the area can be captured and verified.


Features of SmartANPR

Features of SmartANPR
  • Sophisticated Dashboard – See how many vehicles have crossed your area, how many have not been recognized, frequency of vehicle movement and more at-a-glance.
  • Cutting-Edge Push Notifications – Receive instant notifications during events such as when a vehicle is attempting to enter your premises.
  • Cloud-Based Storage Facility – Systematically register vehicles along with owner details on our recognition software’s database. Use search filters and bars to sort through them.
  • Infrared Ready – Accurately capture license plate information even in low-light conditions. Our ANPR solution recognizes number plates at night using infrared technology.
  • High-Speed License Plate Detection – Identify vehicle plates and their owners in a flash. SmartANPR is built with clean, high performance architectures.
  • Open API Integration Capabilities – Seamlessly connect SmartANPR to communicate with electronic gates, toll bars and more.
  • Supports Leading Architectures – Integrate cloud servers of your choice.

Advantages of SmartANPR

Top Grade Security

The data you store in SmartANPR’s database is strongly encrypted and regularly backed up on cloud servers.

Best-in-Class Features

Do more with SmartANPR using a range of powerful and versatile in-built features.

Encrypted File Storage

Access our license plate recognition solution from anywhere at any time. Transfer files at lightning speeds.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate through our recognition software and access tools with ease.

Multiple Cameras

Set up multiple cameras and link them to SmartANPR for additional security.

Bulk License Plates Recognition

Automatically scan more than just one vehicle license plate.

Benefits of using SmartANPR


Replace having to hire multiple security personnel
with our state-of-the-art ANPR solution.

Effective Surveillance

Prevent unauthorized people from entering your
premises with our recognition software.


SmartANPR is a reliable LPR solution
that will ensure maximum safety at
all times.

Automate Access

You no longer need personnel to open
and close gates and toll bars when you
can automate access to your premises
with SmartANPR.

Comprehensive Information

Get elaborate details on who the vehicle
belongs to, where the owner stays
and more.

Why choose SmartANPR?

Why choose SmartANPR
  • Instant Identification – of vehicle number plates in bright and dark lit conditions
  • Detects, Analyzes and Identifies – License plates of fast moving vehicles
  • Secure – Cloud-based storage
  • Records Video Footages – In various formats.
  • Fast – Performing.


I have saved a lot of time and money by choosing SmartANPR over manual security solutions. Great software and brilliant license plate recognition speeds.
SmartANPR is the best solution for my house. I can monitor and manage who can enter my residence remotely.
Alex martin
Jendra joseph


In what conditions does SmartANPR work best?

Our recognition software is designed to work efficiently in all light conditions. Be it day or night, our system can capture and identify number plates within seconds.

How many cameras can I install with SmartANPR?

You can install multiple cameras and link it to the software.

Do I need to have security personnel monitor the cameras?

Not necessarily, you can remotely view and control the opening and closing of gates with SmartANPR

Can your software detect more than one vehicle at a time?

Yes, our ANPR solution can detect bulk license number plates.

How secure is SmartANPR?

It is built with the latest encryption algorithms and incorporates an advanced SSL certificate. You can store confidential data in our system with confidence.

Can SmartANPR detect cars moving at fast speeds?

Yes. Using Artificial Intelligence algorithms, SmartANPR can detect and sharpen fast moving license plates for clear viewing.

Can SmartANPR detect license plates in low light?

Absolutely. SmartANPR is excellent in detecting license plates at night and in other low light conditions.

What does SmartANPR integrate with?

You can enhance SmartANPR’s functionality by linking it up with an electronic toll gate. On recognition and validation of a license plate, the gate will automatically open.

How can I view the number of vehicles that have passed by the camera?

By opening up the system’s dashboard, you can view how many vehicles have passed, entered, been denied access and more.

Is SmartANPR cloud-enabled?

Yes, the recorded data is safely and securely stored on cloud servers. It can be accessed from anywhere at any time as long as the user has the authorization.


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