5 Prerequisites For Successful Migration To New Technology

Are you prepared to migrate your software applications to a new operating environment? These 5 prerequisites will help you successfully transfer your existing databases and programs to new technology.

Evaluate ROI

Migration to new technology results in a plethora of business advantages. Among them, a reduction in operating expenses is a key benefit. A new tech environment that costs more to maintain is counterproductive.

To ensure that you’re making the right decision to migrate, you must evaluate prospective returns on investments beforehand. Assess what your current operating costs are, what it will cost to host your data on new technology, the price of testing, the cost of migrating itself, and finally, post-migration costs.

Learn current pain points

You can gain valuable information about your current operations by talking to your power users. They are the right individuals to tell you about the various pain points they face in using existing software. By collecting this information, you can align your migration plan to solve current problems. As a result, your new technology environment will be more convenient to use.

Gather software documentation

Software migration services experts may need to change or add functionalities to your software applications. Consequently, your applications will integrate with the new technology seamlessly. There is a lot of room for complications to occur in this area. But potential challenges can be easily overcome if you have the technical documentation for each software. They specify how the program works, what logic it uses, and how to use it.

Assess migration timeline

Software migration can take at least a few weeks. And during that period, you may have to put up with scheduled downtimes. All of this can impact your business productivity if you are unprepared to face them.

Know how long it will take to migrate your technology into a new environment. Find out what parts of your business domain will face downtimes. By taking all of these factors into account, you will be able to optimally operate business processes during migration.


Migrating to new technology is a complex and sophisticated process. Complications along the way of migration can cause unnecessary delays and levy hefty expenses. So it is crucial to carefully prepare for migration with the 5 requisites mentioned in this article.

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