5 Great Mobile App Development Ideas During This Pandemic

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and the economic changes that have ensued it, the market for smartphone applications is holding up well. Given the unexpected situation across the world, there are a wide range of profitable opportunities in the mobile app development arena that take advantage of the current scenario.

The convenience of using an app on a mobile phone for entertainment, purchase of goods and services is unrivalled. By acknowledging this fact, existing and upcoming entrepreneurs are increasingly investing in launching spectacular software applications that bring in high returns. Here are 5 great Mobile App Development ideas for the entrepreneur in you during this pandemic.

Fitness Apps

Getting enough physical activity in the current scenario is challenging. Public spaces like parks, beaches and gyms are cordoned off. People are looking for novel ways of getting their everyday workout fix. By choosing either Android App Development or iOS App Development or both, you can satiate their appetite for good exercise by launching a stellar fitness app. Your users can sign up to your application to view customized workout routines, demonstration videos and more.

Leisure Apps

Covid-19 is the talk of the town, in fact it’s the talk of the world. Frequent pandemic warnings and hygiene protocol reminders are all that people hear about. Allow them to temporarily take their mind off of the current situation by launching spectacular leisure apps such as social media, dating and gaming applications. By making your leisure apps unique and addictive, you can rake in enormous profits in no time.

Video calling Apps

Build and deploy a robust video calling app that not only lets friends and family members connect, but also professionals in corporate offices and educational institutions connect. Incorporate user favorite features like screen sharing, emojis, image/video filters and more to cater to a wide group of people. Hire the right Mobile App Development Company to get an attractive UI, one-click call buttons and more.

Learning Apps

With the world in lockdown, people have a lot more time on their hands. Because of this, they are looking to expand their professional skill set via online courses. As education online is growing at a rapid pace, it is a great time to launch an intuitive learning smartphone application. It should be able to provide users with tutorials, lectures, study material and more.

Diet Apps

Due to lockdown restrictions and scarcity of groceries, the diets of people have changed. Help them find the right nutritive diet by launching an informative diet application. Incorporate nutrition that can help boost immunity, cause weight loss, improve blood circulation and more. Offer users with features that allow them to set meal reminders, customize their meal plan, etc.


With these 5 great mobile app development ideas, you can enter the app market in a grand fashion. The user activity of people during this pandemic is driving up the popularity of the mentioned apps. Hire the best mobile app development services from SmartPoint, the most sought after e-Commerce App Development Company.

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