10 Tips That Help Build A Powerful Chatbot

Customer support has rapidly evolved over the years. Today, customers can instantly receive assistance and resolutions thanks to advancements in technology. They no longer need to make time-consuming calls or wait for an email reply for days. Instead, all customers have to do to seek support is talk to a chatbot.

Chatbots have revolutionized the way businesses manage their customers. These automated social software applications can communicate and address the problems of a hundred customers within seconds and simultaneously. They are cost-effective, lead nurturing and conversion boosting.

In order to fully leverage these benefits for your business, you must ensure that your chatbot is powerful, simple and responsive. Here are 10 tips that will help you build powerful AI chatbot solutions.

Purpose of the chatbot

Before you embark on the long but fruitful journey of developing the insides of the chatbot, you must first ask yourself what your chatbot will do. Will it only be used to address product issues? Can it hold a casual conversation with potential customers? Will it automatically initiate refunds and replacements? Such questions will help you estimate the amount of time it will take to finish developing the chatbot.

Design of the chatbot

After deciding what your chatbot will do, the next factor you must consider is how the chatbot will look and feel like. You can use a complementary color of your website’s theme, implement attention-capturing animations, gradients and more to make it visually stunning. The more attractive your chatbot is, the more likely are customers to engage with it.

Chatbot development strategy

Beginning to develop your chatbot without a strategy in place can be disastrous in numerous ways. With the objective and design of the chatbot in mind, chart out a strategy that contains different development phases, test phases and milestones. The roadmap will ensure and remind you to stay on track.

Tech stack

Pick software tools that are capable of fulfilling your chatbot’s purpose. The tech stack you choose and use to build can make or break your app. Ask yourself if you want your chatbot to be able to integrate with third-party apps, perform unique functions and more. You can confidently select your chatbot’s tech stack depending on the responses to those questions.

Train the chatbot

Once you start to build the chatbot, you must pay close attention to how the software application responds to customers. Potential customers may leave your website frustrated If your chatbot responds to their questions with an irrelevant answer. To prevent this, train your chatbot to look for and identify keywords. After the chatbot recognizes a set of keywords, you can train the software to accurately respond to each one of them.

Response choices

Make your chatbot even more engaging by offering response choices to your customers. With this feature, your customers can avoid typing queries. Instead, they can simply click on the options provided by the chatbot. Programming this feature is more easier than training the chatbot to wholly understand human language inputs using Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Chatbot maintenance

Deploying the chatbot on your website isn’t the end of its development journey. You must routinely inspect your chatbot for security flaws, glitches and bugs. It is also important to keep updating your chatbot so that it is always in sync with the latest security measures.

Welcome messages

One of the most effective ways to increase lead generation and sales conversions, is to greet website visitors with a welcoming message. By personalizing your chatbot’s welcome message to different types of visitors, your customers will be more inclined to interact with the chatbot.

Concise content

A chatbot is akin to casual texting, except that it is completely business oriented. Answering customer queries with lengthy worded messages is counter-intuitive to the purpose of the chatbot. Make sure that your chatbots respond to customer inputs with clear cut, short and concise messages.

Responsive interface

Pay close attention to how fast your chatbot is. A clunky and slow chatbot will repel potential customers from using it. Ensure that it is highly responsive and agile. This way your customers will find it pleasing to talk to your AI chatbot solution.

Summing up

Improved customer service, enhanced customer engagement, cost-effective and high quality lead generations are just some of the benefits that chatbots have to offer. With these 10 tips in mind, you can create a powerful chatbot that will take your business to skyrocketing heights. Hire seasoned chatbot engineers and developers from SmartPoint. Get world-class chatbot development services. Contact us today.

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