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Point of Sale - Support all the way of your retail business

Point of Sale

Support all the way of your retail business!

SmartPOS is a robust point of sale solution that streamlines entire retail activities. With SmartPOS you can offer unrivaled shopping experience to your customers at the point of sale as well as standardize back-office functionalities such as purchase, sales, inventory, customer relationship programs, promotions, special / festival offers and so on.

SmartPOS is for all those retailers who look for customer-focused and performance-oriented solution to transform their retail enterprise. Its salient features greatly reduce the cost and complexity of the business.

comes with three variants to suit the needs of the Textile, Pharmacy and Retail enterprises. Nevertheless SmartPOS can be tailored to suit any type and any size of retail establishment to meet the specifics of the industry such as pharmacy, textile, retail stores, super markets, hypermarkets, convenience stores and so on.

  • User & Data Management - Enables the administrator of the system to configure the users of the POS terminals and to maintain the support data to perform the POS activities.
  • Purchase Management - Enables you to manage all purchase related activities such as purchase quotation enquiry, purchase order approval, purchase entry, etc.
  • Sales Management - Helps you to manage all sales activities such as sales quotation enquiry, sales order approval, sales entry, etc.
  • Inventory Management - Empowers your inventory with stock statements, stock transaction details, re-order levels and so on.
  • Accounts Management - Enables you to maintain perfect account at any given point of time with accurate data of receivables and payables.
  • Customer Relationship Management - Facilitates you to set up excellent customer relationship programs such as customer reward points, special offers, promotions and so on.
  • Audit & Sessions Management - Enables the administrator to set up sessions for the users and to track the changes of the selected user.
  • Reports Management - Provides you with excellent MIS reports that can be exported in various formats such as PDF, Excel, etc.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Intuitive and customizable user interface.
  • Ability to be tailored to suit any type and size of the enterprise.
  • Compatible with all the POS peripherals such as touch screen, bar code scanner, thermal printer, cash drawers, etc.
  • Ability to handle multiple currencies and payment types.
  • Streamlines all the business activities of purchase, sales, inventory and accounts.
  • Establishes loyal customer relationship.
  • Greatly reduces POS transaction time.
  • Secured access to the system and to the data.
  • Quick search for items and customizable dynamic buttons for frequently used items.
  • Real time inventory of all the branches.
  • Reduces cost and increases efficiency of the business.
Hardware & Software
  • High Speed PC's / Server
  • Windows XP / Server OS
  • Min 512 MB RAM for POS Terminal
  • Min 2GB RAM for SERVER
  • SQL Server Enterprise 2005 for Large Database
  • Min 20 GB for Hard Disk (Depends Upon the Volume of Transaction*)
POS Devices
  • Cash Drawer
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Pole Display
  • POS Printer / DMP